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No camping supplies would be complete without a tent. Camping supplies stores sell hundreds of kinds. Here are a few pointers to add the best tent to your camping supplies collection. Make sure your tent is large enough to hold you, everyone else, and your camping supplies, and their camping supplies. Make sure the door is such that rain can’t come in when opened. Always add 2 or more to the number that it is rated for. This way you and your camping supplies will fit. If you have 4 people don’t get a 4 person one. Instead get a 6 person one. Camping supplies can be stored separately if you have two rooms, which is nice. this also gives you privacy. Remember that to keep you camping supplies dry, get the kind that has coverings over the screened windows. You and your camping supplies will get wet if the tent you get is cheaply made. So don’t but the cheapest one you find. Annexes are also a very comfortable addition to a camping setup.

Remember – buying a cheap tent can seem like a good idea – but it can make for an awful camping trip! Comfort should be your number one priority when picking out gear. This is especially the case when camping trips extend longer. It is an awful idea to go on an extended camping trip only equipped with a cheap two main tent that drops water on your face! It is best to be sensible, and invest the extra dollars into a quality tent that will not only be far more comfortable, but will also last much longer!