Visiting places to go swimming while camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors but there are a few things you should make sure not to overlook before your next trip.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next swimming adventure.

Visiting the Beach

If you want to go swimming while camping, there’s no place better than the beach. Many campsites are located within driving or walking distance from beaches. Or if you happen to love sharing your campsite with the sounds of the ocean, beach camping is for you.

Camping On or Off the Beach

Camping at the beach doesn’t necessarily mean camping on the sand, however sometimes that is an option. First, find out whether you are allowed to camp on the beach you want to visit. If you’re  on the road look for any signs that indicate camping is allowed. Or check the relevant beach, national park or shire websites. Research online before you make a decision on where you want to camp.

Camping just off the beach is a great option for the best of both worlds, so be sure to look for campsites that aren’t too far from the water’s edge.

Wind and Temperature

Although you may be expecting hot sunny days during your whole trip, beach winds can be quite chilly and unexpected. Always check to see if it’s going to be a windy day. If you’ve got a tent on the beach or just looking to relax, unexpected winds could mean something as uncomfortable as sand flying everywhere or if you’re unlucky it could mean watching your tent flying away. Make sure you are prepared for any wind conditions.


Swimwear is a must for any beach visit. We go into more detail further down in the Must Haves section but if you’re looking for something to wear, check out LaSculpte’s range of swimwear for a stylish look. LaSculpte’s swimwear is not only fashionable but is size inclusive with regular and plus size options as well as shaping technology to help you look your best and feel comfortable too.

Visiting a Swimming Hole, Rainforest Pool or Waterfall

As heading to the coast becomes more and more popular, so does heading inland to visit some of Australia’s beautiful scenic swimming holes. Those with the adventurous spirit, willing to go off the beaten track might find themselves heading away from the usual tourist beaches and finding themselves in and amongst the picturesque tranquil pools in some of nature’s beautiful rainforests.

If you’re planning on heading to visit some of these picturesque rainforest waterfalls and mountain pools, make sure you are well prepared.

Don’t Swim Alone

As peaceful and meditative it might sound to float by yourself in a rainforest pool, you should always make sure you have a friend with you when swimming. Having a friend also means you have someone to help navigate the way to and from the swimming spot and gives you someone to share the experience with.

Check The Weather Before You Go

This might seem obvious but is sometimes overlooked when heading to that secret special swimming place. Be sure to check the weather for the whole day and make sure you aren’t caught out when it’s raining. Not only can heavy rain make the trail back to the car or campsite difficult but it’s sure to ruin any photos you might want to take.

Must Haves for Swimming Anywhere

There are some tips and supplies that you need regardless of where you want to go swimming. Make sure you’re not caught out without these.

Bring the Right Stuff

First thing first, is sun safety. Always make sure you have ample sunscreen to avoid sunburn and skin cancer. Apply regularly as some sunscreens can wash off after swimming.

A towel is also a very important thing to bring and Paradise Camping Supplies recommends having a towel handy on any camping adventure.

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